Re: Pentagrams: (was: RE: UTF8 vs. Unicode (UTF16) in code)

From: Daniel Biddle (
Date: Wed Mar 14 2001 - 08:59:02 EST

On Tue, 13 Mar 2001, Curtis Clark wrote:

> At 07:50 PM 3/13/01, Pierpaolo BERNARDI wrote:
> > > And no, the Unicode Standard hasn't encoded any pentagrams yet -- or
> > > hexagrams or baphomets, for that matter.
> >
> >Now that you mention them, someone will make a fuss over their absence.
> >8-)
> A lot of other religions managed to make it into Miscellaneous Symbols
> (although if Solomon's Seal/Mogen David is there, I'm not seeing it).

It's in Dingbats instead, at U+2721.

> I'd like to think that those crosses and ankhs and stuff are there for
> compatibility or round-tripping or something, and that it isn't a case
> of some religions being favored.

U+2719 to U+2721 and the rest of the Dingbats section are there because of
the Dingbats font.

PS. Can anyone else access <>?

Daniel Biddle <>

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