From: Dan Kolis (
Date: Thu Mar 15 2001 - 12:29:38 EST

Lars Marius Garshol <> said about teaching LISP first:
>Many universities do, using Scheme. It seems to work very well. Perhaps
>in part because they get to use what many call the best book on
>progrmaming ever written.
><URL: >

Lars mentions:
(The) Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
by Abelson, Sussman

Dan says:
Well, I knew before I checked the URL that was the book I would find. I'm
pretty smart... I can solve problems, scientific, commercial, linguistic,
etc. Understand protein science, telecom, etc; but yet, this book loses me
everytime. I get through about 1/2 of each chapter, and then have a panic
attack I'm just not smart enough to understand it! The level of abstraction
in it is just so high compared to other computer workbooks. I wonder too
whether the computer I was using at the time made it a little harder; (bad
lisp implementation). I have a prolog book here which doesn't scare me hald
as much. Well, its sort of a prolog-ish copy of (1) above!
Dan K

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