Date: Fri Mar 16 2001 - 08:22:06 EST

> From: Thomas Chan <>
> 171,500 figure should at least be halved before even beginning discussion

It does not matter because the definition of character
differs between Unicode and TRON code. The TRON code is rather
toward the presentation code while Unicode is not.
TRON includes what we call "higher level protocol" and more into
their coded character set.

> I'm not sure about the "universality" of any of these; the emphasis seems
> to be mostly on kanji--they can only be a regional [Japanese] alternative
> to Unicode.

I do not think the TRON code is an alternative/a regional alternative
to Unicode. They are just different because they are designed for the
different goals.
Also I do not think it is a wise observation to trivialize the subject
they throw in as a Japanese regional alternative.

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