RE: Unicode market acceptance

Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 09:01:48 EST

On 03/19/2001 03:45:51 AM Edward Cherlin wrote:

>Decent Unicode 3.1 support for considerably more scripts should be
>available in 2002. The ones with shaping issues are Mongolian,
>Syriac, Myanmar, Sinhala, Khmer, and to a lesser extent Ethiopic.

Ethiopic? What complex shaping issues are there for Ethiopic? The only
possible thing I can think of is numbers. Is that what you mean?

By the way, Office XP will be able to handle text in Ethiopic, Yi and Cdn
Syllabics. Granted, none of these involve complex shaping -- apart from
what I noted above, and MS does not provide input methods for any of these.
It's worth mentioning nonetheless.

- Peter

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