Re: browsers and unicode surrogates

From: Tex Texin (
Date: Mon Apr 22 2002 - 11:07:40 EDT

Thanks Stefan, that's good to know.
Seems a bit odd to hide the encoding abilities, especially when there is
already a "more" menu pick...

thanks for the info.

Stefan Persson wrote:
> IE 5 supports more encodings than listed. For example,
> the western European DOS encoding is supported (though
> not selectable). However, such web pages will *only*
> be displayed properly if they contain a <META> tag
> specifying that the encoding is ibm850. JIS is not
> selectable, but will work if a <META> tag is on the
> page, or if "Japanese (Auto-select)" is chosen from
> the encoding list.
> Stefan
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