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From: Shlomi Tal (
Date: Sat Apr 27 2002 - 07:46:41 EDT

MS-Word 2000 and upwards use Unicode (to be more specific, UTF-16
little-endian). Earlier than that (97 and downwards) are still based on
codepages, according to their versions (for example Hebrew MS-Word 97 stores
strings in the Windows-1255 codepage; other languages can be typed and saved
if you have the input method, as I did when I had Word 97 on my Win2K
system, but they are stored as an easily-corrupted extended encoding. I
upgraded to Word 2000 after Word 97 had corrupted all my Arabic text).

>i have a question..
> i have a word editor(say MSWord)..does MSword have unicode
>compatibility...if not then how do i make it compatible to unicode

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