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Date: Mon Apr 29 2002 - 13:13:23 EDT

deepakmodi had written:
> does MSword have unicode compatibility

Shlomi Tal wrote:
> MS-Word 2000 and upwards use Unicode (to be more specific, UTF-16
> little-endian). Earlier than that (97 and downwards) are still based on
> codepages, according to their versions

The German version of Word 97 is based in Unicode (UCS-2, that is).
I don't know anything about the Arab, or other national, versions.

deepakmodi had written:
> ...if not then how do i make it compatible to unicode standard.??

You have to be careful when opening, or saving, files.

- There is an option to have Word ask you for the encoding when you
  open a file.

- In contrast to File/Save, the menu item File/Save_As has a field
  to choose the encoding for the file you are going to create on
  the disk.

Best wishes,
  Otto Stolz

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