From: Patrick Rourke (ptrourke@methymna.com)
Date: Tue Apr 30 2002 - 12:36:02 EDT

> Presumably, this compact edition does not require a
> magnifying glass, does it? A friend of mine bought a
> really really tiny one which came with a (huge) magnifying
> glass when he went back to Korea because he wouldn't
> be able to access the online edition for free any more.

Actually, I am referring to the edition with the magnifying glass. This
(the Compact Edition) is btw different from the New Shorter Oxford English
Dicitonary, which only goes back to around 1800 or so and is missing a lot
of the features of the full OED.

I for one will not buy the OED on CD until it's in a format I can use at
home on my Mac (OS X) - what I do at home is best done in OS X (though I
wish more applications had extended Greek support), what I do at the is
office best done in Windows XP.

Patrick Rourke

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