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Date: Tue Apr 30 2002 - 13:03:19 EDT

At 12:36 -0400 2002-04-30, Patrick Rourke wrote:
> > Presumably, this compact edition does not require a
>> magnifying glass, does it? A friend of mine bought a
>> really really tiny one which came with a (huge) magnifying
>> glass when he went back to Korea because he wouldn't
>> be able to access the online edition for free any more.
>Actually, I am referring to the edition with the magnifying glass. This
>(the Compact Edition) is btw different from the New Shorter Oxford English
>Dicitonary, which only goes back to around 1800 or so and is missing a lot
>of the features of the full OED.
>I for one will not buy the OED on CD until it's in a format I can use at
>home on my Mac (OS X) - what I do at home is best done in OS X (though I
>wish more applications had extended Greek support), what I do at the is
>office best done in Windows XP.

I wrote to Oxford today to complain that there should be a Macintosh
version. Please do likewise, if you're a Mac user and think that we
deserve better!

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