Re: The golden ligatures collection ct ligature code in use. (derives from Re: Unicode and the digital divide.)

From: Philipp Reichmuth (
Date: Sat Jun 01 2002 - 10:55:20 EDT

WO> So, Doug has proved the benefit of my list existing and you have
WO> proved the benefit of, in the future, using my suggested
WO> classification codes.

I don't consider searching for "pec" and not finding "respectfully" or
having "actually" sorted in just behind "azure" and just before
"babble" a benefit.

There are other lovely examples. For example, with your "ll"
ligature, when you search for "respectful", you can be dead sure that
"respectfully" isn't going to be found either.

(Especially as compared to software such as Adobe InDesign, which
accomplishes these tasks perfectly well, using OpenType fonts
containing ligature substitution commands such as "c t" > "ct", "l l"
> "ll".)

The latter approach has the additional advantage that there are never
going to be any questions on how people entered that ct ligature,
because people don't have to enter it manually at all, and that people
will never ever have to remember input sequences like "press ALT,
5,9,1,4,3, release ALT" which habe a habit of not being supported on
some computer systems such as a large number of Unix flavours...

Just on a side note, where does the name "Golden Ligatures" originate

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