Re: The golden ligatures collection ct ligature code in use. (derives from Re: Unicode and the digital divide.)

From: Philipp Reichmuth (
Date: Sat Jun 01 2002 - 12:48:06 EDT

WO> http://www.Joern.De/tipsn128.htm#Ligaturen

WO> There, to my delight, was the number 59143 alongside my choice of
WO> U+E707 for the ct ligature.

After contacting Fritz Jörn (who administers the page in question), he
has now put up a warning message, saying more or less that "words with
ligatures, especially unofficial ones, can not be found by search
engines and editors and will not be sorted correctly. It is better to
use font technologies such as OpenType or AAT that process ligatures
automatically", and that "the trend definitely goes into the direction
of automatical typographic ligatures without separate codepoints".

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