Re: Some Private Use Area code points for ligatures.

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Sat Jun 01 2002 - 15:09:37 EDT

At some point, I wrote:

> >>This list, the code points being entirely the choice of the present author,
>>>is published by the present author.
>>I take this to mean: "I am publishing this list and the choices for
> >the code points are mine."

William responded:

>Well, that is an almost correct interpretation of the meaning, almost, but
>not quite.

And then proceeded to regale me with 1200+ words deconstructing his
convoluted statement with spurious invocation of the scientific
method as a defence for a stilted use of the passive voice.

William: If you have something to say, try to say it in plain
English. Use short sentences. Avoid needless words.

And *listen* to people on this list if they say you come up with an
idea which is a waste of time. Ligatures are meant to be encoded in
the font. You can use ZWJ to invoke glyph doublets or triplets if you
need to do so explicitly in encoded text. Encoding typographic
ligatures in the PUA will only screw up sorting and searching and
spell-checking, which is a Bad Thing To Do.

Your concept of "type trays" and "founts" [sic] are not current and
are not likely to be adopted by anyone working with Unicode and

That is my frank opinion.

Michael Everson *** Everson Typography ***

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