Re: The golden ligatures collection ct ligature code in use.

From: Michael \(michka\) Kaplan (
Date: Mon Jun 03 2002 - 08:35:43 EDT

A bunch of side notes for William.

From: "William Overington" <>

> William published a list of code points for ligatures.

In academia, speaking of oneself in third person may be expected at times.
Here on the Unicode List, its basically pretentious.

> This is, I feel, an experiment which should be properly documented in the
> Unicode archives.

You need to understand that your insistence on putting the *abandoned* cart
before the horse is a thing whose documentation can only continue to hurt
your reputation.

Or I guess you could just continue to suffer the ill effects if you choose
to fail to see this.

> I have started to gather some documents about OpenType and am hoping to
> learn more about OpenType by studying them.

The efforts to design a system without the proper research into prior art
and current state of the art shows a very unimpressive lack of preparation.
It really woud call the entire body of work into question -- were it not for
the fact that people here already knew the answer?

At the tender age of five, I was a proud inventor: of negative numbers. I
was quite impessed with my invention, and had a great syntax of 0/3 (three
below zero) and it was very disappointing to me that some jerk had the nerve
to invent the very same thing two millenia prior (stealing MY idea!). The
fact that my syntax was not compatible with moden mathematics did not stop
me for even a moment. And I actually wrote pages and pages of explanation of
my brilliant theory (in CRAYON of all things!).

Eventually I grew out of this phase. It is hoped that one day you will gro
out of yours.

> The golden ligatures collection is intended as a work of art as itself,
> one of the important aspects of art is its influence upon the world at
> large, in influencing the way that people think of things, so, as a work
> art, it is already successful.

Actually, that is not really the purpose of it at all. But that is really
not a subject worth getting into here.


> I would be interested in reading a debate on this matter as perhaps people
> with deep knowledge of the workings of OpenType could perhaps think this
> idea through and maybe also arrive at other possibilities which could be
> used. Also, any possible problems in doing this could be raised.

The problem is being worked on by many people -- and approaches have
advanced beyond what you have suggested here. After you take the time to
learn about these things (something which you heretofore have not done) then
you will be able to see that a debate on the nature of addition is not
required when the group has moved on to multiplication and exponents.

What I did nearly three decades ago with negative numbers was quite
precocious and actually very cute, and it was the sign of a very active
mind. If I did it again today, people would look at me quite skeptically,
and rightly so.


Michael Kaplan
Trigeminal Software, Inc. --

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