Re: The golden ligatures collection ct ligature code in use.

From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Mon Jun 03 2002 - 23:45:38 EDT

From the "oops" file...

A few days ago I replied to William Overington:

>> I have also analysed the other black rectangle which appears in your
>> posting by the same process. It comes out as decimal 9785 which
>> converts to hexadecimal 2639 which, upon looking in the code charts,
>> gives a variation on a smiley, namely a frowning face.
> Now that glyph *is* in quite a few existing fonts. If you are using
> Windows 2000 or XP and a fairly common Microsoft-provided font, you
> should have seen it.

I mistakenly assumed U+2639 was in Windows Glyph List 4 (WGL4). It
isn't, so unless you are using one of the large pan-Unicode fonts such
as Arial Unicode MS, Lucida Sans Unicode, Code2000, etc., you might not
have see the frowning face. I didn't see it myself in John Jenkins'
message until I copied and pasted it into UniPad.

And twelve hours ago I wrote:

> Indeed, that's just what I might expect suffficiently advanced
> Unicode-based software to do

misspelling "sufficiently" with three f's instead of two. I wonder if
this documented (and archived!) instance of the sequence "fffi" might
cause William to allocate a PUA code point for an "fffi" ligature. I'd
better not give anyone any ideas.

-Doug Ewell
 Fullerton, California

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