Re: how to display japanese on english linux

From: Juliusz Chroboczek (
Date: Mon Jun 10 2002 - 12:10:33 EDT

MB> I installed unicode fonts and changed the locale using 'export
MB> LANG=ja_JP'. I executed 'date' which returned some garbage ascii
MB> characters but not japanese. I feel somewhere there is a problem
MB> of selecting the right character set. The fonts are there on the
MB> system, but they aint being picked up for display.

You need to run a terminal emulator with the right font set.

For the Unicode Japanese locale (LC_ALL=ja_JP.UTF8), any UTF-8
terminal should be fine; recent versions of XFree86 come with a
Unicode version of xterm, usually installed under the name uxterm
(it's actually the same binary as xterm, but run with different
options). The Gnome and KDE terminal emulators also support UTF-8.

For the EUC-JP locale (LC_ALL=ja_JP), you need an... EUC-JP terminal
emulator. Feel free to experiment with kterm or with the uxterm +
luit combo:

  LC_ALL=ja_JP uxterm -e luit

(In future versions of XFree86, xterm will do the Right Thing for the
current locale and selected font, i.e. run in eight-bit mode, run in
Unicode mode, or run in Unicode mode and invoke luit.)


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