how to display japanese on english linux

From: Manju Bansal, Noida (
Date: Fri Jun 07 2002 - 01:09:00 EDT

Hi people,
I am stuck up in displaying japanese text on english version of Linux. What
i m trying is, i hv installed unicode fonts on my red-hatlinux(english)
machine and changed the locale to ja_JP. Now i m trying to display japanese
fonts using various syatem calls such as 'date' , editors such as 'vi' and
some uniocde-compliant programs too. But none of them showed up any japanese
fonts. :-(

First of all, do the system calls such as 'date' etc give japanese output
when locale is changed to japanese with the unicode fonts installed on the
machine...?? How to display the japanese ,or for that matter, any of the
unicode fonts at all on an english linux machine..??? I feel i hv missed
some environment settings..???

Plzzzzzzzz help.

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