Re: Chinese Windows and unicode

Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 15:09:52 EDT

On 06/11/2002 01:31:25 PM Tex Texin wrote:

>Although, I tend to agree with Peter in this case, one thing you might
>want to confirm is whether or not the Hong Kong SCS is going to be used.
>The older versions of Windows will use the Private use area for these
>characters, making the Unicode produced less portable/interoperable than
>the later versions of Windows.

Absolutely. I was tending toward generalities, but of course one needs to
make decisions based on specific character needs.

>(I missed the beginning of the thread, so I didn't see if a specific set
>of characters was called out.)

It was expressed in very general terms: is it possible to use Unicode on
Chinese Win9x/Me? No statement of using Unicode to do _what_.

- Peter

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