Re: Chinese Windows and unicode

Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 15:43:46 EDT

On 06/11/2002 01:41:52 PM Lars Marius Garshol wrote:

>| But if all you want to do is something like Chinese but encoded in
>| Unicode rather than a legacy encoding, Win9x/Me can support that.
>It can, but how hard it is depends on what it is you want to do with
>those Unicode strings.

There's no question that Win9x/Me makes you do more work, and I did say
that Win2K/XP are much better platforms on which to work with Unicode. I
was simply responding to Michael's blanket statement that Unicode on
Win9x/Me is basically not an option, which is not strictly correct, and
doesn't begin to give people the info they need, which is what can be done,
what are the limits and what are the costs.

BTW, it's my understanding that, by using MSLU (which Michael helped
develop!), a develop can avoid much of the hard work you refer to.

- Peter

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