utf-8 to ucs-2

From: Paul Hastings (paul@tei.or.th)
Date: Wed Jun 19 2002 - 01:55:22 EDT

since there were so many translation questions this week i
guess one more won't hurt. i have a bunch of text data,
utf-8 encoded, stored in sql server nvarchar columns.
data was inserted using coldfusion 5 which really didn't
support unicode (hence the utf-8 encoding). i now need
to xfer this data to a cfmx (coldfusion 6) system that
wants ucs-2 encoding (cf is now java based & uses
merant jdbc drivers).

i've been playing around with java string class getBytes
method but i can't seem to get it to understand that the
input really is utf-8 (yes, i'm a java novice).

would anyone point me towards some info/resources
that might help? any advice/suggestions also welcome.

Paul Hastings paul@tei.or.th
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                            Thailand Environment Institute
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