Chess fount code points (Private Use Area) now published.

From: William Overington (
Date: Wed Jun 19 2002 - 02:27:49 EDT

Yesterday I published a document entitled "Some Private Use Area code points
for chess pieces for use in chess diagrams." in our family webspace in

The direct web address for the document is as follows.

The document is also accessible from the index page of various documents
about Private Use Area code points, which is as follows.

In that index page are links to documents about code points for ligatures
and numbers as well as for chess pieces. There is also an email link for
feedback about these collections of code points.

The main index of our family webspace is as follows.

Readers visiting the webspace might like to have a look at the various
documents about the Microsoft Paint program which I have added recently.
The one about the Microsoft WordPad program used in conjunction with Paint
has some Unicode related content about Microsoft WordPad and Microsoft
Calculator which may be of interest to some readers.

I like to think of my collections of Private Use Area code points as an
artform in their own right, as well as being scientific information which
will hopefully be applied by many people, including myself.

These code points for a chess fount increase that artform content as there
are 80 code points defined in the Private Use Area, together with ZWJ
sequences for 72 of them. These 72 ZWJ sequences each use a ligature
mechanism effect involving a regular Unicode character and a Private Use
Area code point. Thus a white knight upon a white square and a white knight
upon a black square are each expressed as ligatures of U+2658 WHITE CHESS

William Overington

19 June 2002

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