Re: utf-8 to ucs-2

From: Paul Hastings (
Date: Wed Jun 19 2002 - 04:45:34 EDT

thanks for your response.

> On the whole, it is really a *bad* idea to store UTF-8 data in an MSSQLS
> nvarchar column. The only thing I would really suggest is that you get the

yes i knew that from the git go, but was the trade off i had to make. ms
suggested varbinary for utf-8 but i could never get that to work well.

> data out via whatever means you used to get it in, then make some quick
> MultiByteToWideChar calls to convert the data.

well i can just do http gets from the cfmx box to the cf5 box, easily
doable for me (only have 5-6 sites that need moving) but i know of
many others in the same boat as me with considerably more data &
considerably less patience. i was hoping for something a bit more
low level (though not quite db engine level, even if the sql server list
responses seem to indicate that ucs-2 & utf-8 encodings were the

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