Problems with viewing arabic fonts in java application Mac OS X

From: Thomas Amsler (
Date: Wed Jun 19 2002 - 18:59:30 EDT

We came across a strange Java Mac OS X behavior while viewing UNICODE
fonts in a JTextArea in our RCT client. If I send English, Japanese, or
German strings, the JTextArea renders the fonts correctly. As soon as I
send an Arabic string, the JTextArea has problems with "New Line"
characters. After sending an Arabic string, the JTextArea redraws and
adds boxes at the end of each string. The links to screen captures of
the RCT client make the problem more explicit. The image rct-sc-1.jpg
shows the English, Japanese, and German input correctly. The image
rct-sc-2.jpg shows what happens after sending an Arabic string.


This problem only shows up on MAC OS X and not on Linux or Windows. I am
using "Arial UNICODE MS" fonts.
Is this a known issue?

Thank you very much.

Thomas Amsler

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