Re: Chess symbols, ZWJ, Opentype and holly type ornaments.

From: William Overington (
Date: Thu Jun 20 2002 - 05:37:27 EDT

> Would it be nice to have a place to publicize PUA uses so that the
codepoints can be used?

Yes it would. In view of the fact that some people are unwilling to let my
ideas be discussed in this forum upon their academic merit but simply use an
ad hominem attack almost every time I post (before many people can have the
chance to sit down and, if they wish, have a serious read of my ideas), when
it seems that their objection is really about the Unicode Consortium having
included the word published in section 13.5 of chapter 13 of the Unicode
specification, and they seem to angrily refute things which I have not said,
I think that it would be best for me not to post details of my research in
this forum. There also seems to be the problem of the great tidal wave that
everybody is expected to be using the very latest equipment.

Hopefully a new forum for discussing such matters can eventually be

In the meantime, I shall announce developments by email to those people who
choose to request to be on my email distribution list. This will be a
confidential list with email addresses included in the Bcc: section of the

My understanding was that this forum was a place to ask questions of end
users of the Unicode system. I have done that. In this thread I have asked
interesting scientific questions. Ad hominem attacks have prevented those
questions being discussed properly, possibly because some people may be too
embarrassed to respond to the scientific questions when an atmosphere of ad
hominem attack prevails. My understanding is that academic freedom is about
being able to hold unpopular ideas without personal disadvantage. I feel
that the fact that I am trying to use the Unicode specification as it exists
rather than on some nudge nudge wink wink understanding of how some people
feel that it should be interpreted is at the root of the problem.

The potentially interesting question of whether an OpenType fount may be
programmed to produce a two colour display has not been discussed. Such a
discussion could have either established that it could be done, or that it
could not be done in which case perhaps some extension to OpenType could be
produced for the future which could have that facility. If so, how would
that facility best be produced? This is how progress is achieved.

William Overington

20 June 2002

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