RE: Rotated Glyphs

From: Marco Cimarosti (
Date: Thu Jun 20 2002 - 12:56:33 EDT

Frank da Cruz wrote:
> As part of the release, I made some screen shots showing text in many
> languages and writing systems on the same terminal screen:
> The CJK examples were so crowded I didn't notice until James
> Kass pointed it
> out that they were also sideways! Windows had rotated each
> glyph 90 degrees counterclockwise.

I am sorry I cannot help with this: I have never seen before such a thing
happening in Windows. However, I have some observations that might or might
not lead you towards a solutions.

It seems that something very strange is happening with kerning: all glyphs
seem to be equally spaced, including CJK characters (which should be twice
the width of a Western characters, even in non-proportional fonts) and
Hindi, which has no "monospace" version. Also the Armenian and Georgian
glyphs look very strange (too spaced), because they are clearly designed for
a proportional font.

What I am assuming is that the display API, somehow, overrides the font's
metric, forcing a fixed width. Do you know whether the TextOut*() API is
called with some special flag? Maybe that flag also turns on some strange
rotation for CJK characters.

Beside that, I guess you already know that the program fails to display
complex scripts correctly: Arabic and Hebrew are displayed left-to-right;
Arabic has no ligatures nor contextual shaping; Hindi has no ligatures nor
handling of non-spacing marks.

_ Marco

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