Re: Hexadecimal characters.

From: Tom Finch (
Date: Thu Jun 20 2002 - 15:08:05 EDT



On Thu, 20 Jun 2002 9:42:12 Frank da Cruz wrote: >> At 03:03 AM 6/20/02 -0400, Tom Finch wrote: >> >I wish to propose sixteen consecutive digits for the purpose of displaying >> >hexadecimal values. [...] Has this been considered? >> >> I seem to recall that it has. The problem is, they're just new copies of >> old characters. An A used in hexadecimal notation is just an A. Besides the >> problem with normalization, you have the problem with all look-alike >> characters - people won't use them consistently. Even if this got adopted, >> 99% of time you looked at hexadecimal numbers, they would be in plain old >> ASCII, so you don't really gain anything but confusion. It's a no-go. >> >The proposal that was rejected is this one: > > > >- Frank

This is for full byte representation, which requires of course 256 rather than 16 characters. I looked at the code chart and there are many 16 character sequences empty. Oh and hi John Cowan, recognize me from "hexadecimal lojban"?

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