Re: Mapping fonts to unicode

Date: Mon Jun 24 2002 - 05:40:27 EDT

It would help if you can give some additional detail, for example:

1) Are you wanting tools to modify fonts themselves, or tools to modify
data that is encoded using certain fonts?

2) If you want to modify fonts, what kind of fonts -- TrueType? Postscript?

3) If you want to modify data, what format are we talking about -- Word
documents? Plain text? Rich Text? HTML? something else?

4) What computer platform -- Windows, Macintosh, Linux, etc?


On 23/06/2002 21:10:53 Pranjal Goswami wrote:

>Hello list,
> I need to map fonts of a variant of Devanagri
>script to Unicode. Could anybody please
>outline a few steps.
>Thanks in advance.

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