Farsi (Persian) input method editor and Unicode

From: Laura Tull (tull.9@osu.edu)
Date: Tue Jun 25 2002 - 08:13:01 EDT

I was on this list briefly before but found it too technical but now I need
some help. I work in a library and we have a library system that allows us
to input records in non-Roman languages such as Arabic, etc. We recently
started inputting Persian language records using the Farsi (i.e. Persian)
input method editor (IME) in Windows 2000 and discovered that a couple of
characters didn't work (gaf - Unicode 06AF and kaf - Unicode 0643). By
didn't work, I mean a character was input but if you tried to search for a
record that had those characters, it acted as if they didn't exist.

I don't think our library system is the problem because we can import
records with these characters from an external source with no problem and
indexing, display, etc. is fine.

My guess is that the IME isn't mapping the keyboard input to Unicode
correctly. One of the characters (kaf) is also available for the Arabic
IME and it works fine when using that keyboard but not when you use the
Farsi keyboard.

I had no luck trying to find information on the Microsoft web site.

Does anyone have any ideas about this problem? I greatly appreciate your


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