Re: Farsi (Persian) input method editor and Unicode

From: Vladimir Ivanov (
Date: Wed Jun 26 2002 - 01:53:25 EDT

Laura Tull wrote:

> We recently
> started inputting Persian language records using the Farsi (i.e. Persian)
> input method editor (IME) in Windows 2000 and discovered that a couple of
> characters didn't work (gaf - Unicode 06AF and kaf - Unicode 0643). By
> didn't work, I mean a character was input but if you tried to search for a
> record that had those characters, it acted as if they didn't exist.
> My guess is that the IME isn't mapping the keyboard input to Unicode
> correctly. One of the characters (kaf) is also available for the Arabic
> IME and it works fine when using that keyboard but not when you use the
> Farsi keyboard.

You are absolutely right about the problems with Persian Kaf in MS
keyboards. There is one more: Persian Kaf is not sorted correctly in Word
2000 or XP. After alphabetical sorting it is placed just after the last
letter in the alphabet. So don't use it. There are 2 ways to eliminate your
1. After typing a page or two replace automatically all the Persian Kafs by
Arabic ones.
2. Build a Tavulte Keyman keybord consisting of only one key which transfers
one Kaf to another. It will take you less than an hour, even if you are an
unexperienced user of Keyman.
I'm practicing both methods in my work. I can send you a font which
represents both Kafs as a Persian one.
It is a little bit inconvenient, but works fine after some practice.

In my work Gaf has no problems.

Vladimir Ivanov

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