Re: Japanese Web pages in Unicode?

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Date: Sun Jun 30 2002 - 18:44:16 EDT

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> John H. Jenkins scripsit:
> > And isn't there a language used quite a bit just south of the English
> > channel for which Latin-1 isn't really adequate? A minor, obscure
> > language, I think. Fr-something.
> What's the problem? Y with diaeresis is a most marginal letter, and
> oe-ligature is a mandatory ligature in French, and thus ought to be
> done automatically by a well-tuned French font, no?

And what if there is some case where the sequence "oe" shouldn't be
displayed as "˝?" What if someone wants to write a French text about the
German author Goethe, for example? Or what about the English spelling
"źdipus?" Besides, if a name is mentioned in Swedish, all accents etc.
should be kept, even if it is an Eastern European name.


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