Inappropriate Proposals FAQ

From: Suzanne M. Topping (
Date: Tue Jul 02 2002 - 10:01:16 EDT

As no good deed goes unpunished, my suggestion re. an FAQ entry
regarding innappropriate candidates for encoding resulted in my being
asked to begin a draft.

I see the need for perhaps two entries: one which states clearly what
Unicode is NOT, and another which lists a few examples of innapropriate
proposals and why they would not be considered. This section would
probably refer to the "what Unicode isn't" entry for support of the

I have a few ideas for fictional proposals to use as examples (my room
layout idea, and Mark's 3-D Mr. Potato Head representation), but I could
use another one or two if anyone feels creative. The closer to being
believable, the better, I suppose. (An alternative would be to use
real-life proposals, and state why they were not accepted, but I thought
it more politic to keep it fictional...)

I'm also looking for key points to include in the "what Unicode isn't"
section, and would appreciate input. I'm particularly looking for issues
that have created ongoing repetitive arguments, since the goal of the
FAQ entries is to help eliminate them.

Thanks in advance for your input,

Suzanne Topping
BizWonk Inc.

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