RE: Inappropriate Proposals FAQ

Date: Wed Jul 03 2002 - 20:52:47 EDT

I would like to once again suggest that we refocus this 'FAQ'

AWAY from a repetition of the "Principles and Procedures" document maintained
by WG2 and containing the explanation of what constitutes a valid *formal*

AWAY from any attempt to cover *all* aspects that could make a proposal
inappropriate, and away from any schema for a complete classification of the
universe of possible proposals.

TOWARDS a set of a few -easily understood and not contentious- examples of
things that have been ruled out of bounds - with a clear pointer to the formal
document with its typology of scripts. (By all means, point prominently to the
roadmap as well).

Doing anything else will take a lot of work, both initially and in constantly
tweaking it; cause a lot of confusion (if it contains many items that are in
fact in a gray zone) and can weaken our understanding of which set of 'rules'
are the ones we really operate under.


On Wed, 3 Jul 2002 23:24:01 +0100 Michael Everson <>

I would NOT like to see our committees' hands tied by taking this
list as more than guidelines. I understand that it is for an FAQ but
there should be text therein to emphasize that these are not binding.

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