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Date: Wed Jul 03 2002 - 18:35:15 EDT

At 15:17 -0600 2002-07-03, John H. Jenkins wrote:
>On Wednesday, July 3, 2002, at 02:23 PM, Murray Sargent wrote:
>>as something inappropriate. Question: how does one code up (presumably
>>with markup) a caret over a jk pair in a math expression? The dot on the
>>j should be missing for this case, but how does one communicate that to
>>a font if there's no code for a dotless j? It seems that dotless j is
>>needed for some mathematical purposes.
>The glyph is; the character isn't. There are also accented j's
>which are based on a dotless-j. The way we do it is include a glyph
>called "dotlessj" in the font, and have the tables set up so that
>whenever "j" is found with an accent, dotlessj is substituted.

This is a very good answer and should be in the FAQ.

There may be a dotless j as a character in one of the Nordic phonetic
alphabets. But even if there were, it would be wrong to use it for a
decomposed Esperanto J WITH CIRCUMFLEX.

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