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From: Michael Everson (
Date: Wed Jul 03 2002 - 18:33:39 EDT

At 12:17 -0700 2002-07-03, Kenneth Whistler wrote:

>If a script is listed there in the Roadmap for the BMP or for Plane 1,
>then people can be assured that interested members of the encoding
>committees have *already* made a tentative determination that
>the script is suitable for encoding, although a proposal may not
>actually exist yet, and of course, there are no guarantees until the
>committees actually do the work on fully filled-out formal proposals.

Indeed, we might end up unifying Javanese and Balinese for instance.
We don't know just now.

>But if a "script", like the MIIB BurgerKing cipher mentioned today,
>or chess diagram notation, is missing from the Roadmap, there is probably
>a *good* reason for it not to be there, and people should think twice
>(and then again) before they start proposing it for encoding in Unicode.

Well... a year ago we hadn't heard of N'Ko. Things turn up all the time.

>The "voice which shook the earth", from Chapter IV, verse 44 of
>one of the Holy Books of Thelema:

Wow. Or indeed UAOAU....

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