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From: William Overington (
Date: Thu Jul 04 2002 - 00:22:50 EDT

Ken Whistler wrote as follows.

>But if a "script", like the MIIB BurgerKing cipher mentioned today,
>or chess diagram notation, is missing from the Roadmap, there is probably
>a *good* reason for it not to be there, and people should think twice
>(and then again) before they start proposing it for encoding in Unicode.

Well, there may or may not be a good reason for something missing from the
Roadmap, one good reason possibly being that nobody has suggested something

I make this point since you mention chess diagram notation.

I have recently published some Private Use Area code point allocations for
chess diagrams.

I am well aware that some people are not interested in my publishing of
Private Use Area allocations, but I am stating the matter here since you
mentioned chess diagram encoding and said that there is probably a good
reason for it not being in the Roadmap. Has the Unicode Technical
Committee in fact ever discussed the possibility of whether or not to encode
chess diagrams in regular Unicode at all? Just because something has not
arisen before and has never been discussed by members of the 10000 dollars a
year for a vote group does not in any way make that matter questionable in
any way whatsoever.


One script which the Unicode Technical Committee has turned down is the Phaistos Disk Script. There is a document, which if I may say so is of high quality, about the proposal for encoding of the Phaistos Disk Script into Unicode, into Plane 1. It was rejected. Is this really for a purported reason that the script is only found on one item at present? I find that a strange thing. I feel that that proposal should be looked at again by the committee. How about discussing the Phaistos Disk Script in this new FAQ document?


As for the script regarding the cipher in relation to a movie. I feel that the characters are very elegant and I noticed in particular that the characters are non-contiguous within themselves. Examining the gif file in some detail I find that a lot of care has been taken in preparing those characters and I wonder if anyone knows what are the design influences underlying the design please. Is the designer perhaps reading this list and perhaps would like to comment please?

William Overington

4 July 2002

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