Saying characters out loud (derives from hash, pound, octothorpe?)

From: William Overington (
Date: Fri Jul 05 2002 - 03:26:34 EDT

I am delighted to find the name octothorpe in the code charts for U+0023.

If one is reading out the address of a web page, how does one say the U+002F
character out loud please?

Within my experience, the BBC almost invariably uses one particular word,
except for one presenter of a room design programme who always uses a
different word for U+002F in a voice over when referring to where further
information on his programme may be found while the closing credits of the
television programme are showing.

I will not say which words at present so as not to prejudice a straw poll of
finding out which word is used in various places in the world.

The question arises as to whether such uses as are in use derive from a
documented recommendation somewhere or is it just what people, seeing a web
site printed and wishing to say it aloud, have used?

Also, how does one say the U+007E character out loud while reading out the
address of a web page?

Then there is U+002E as well.


On the matter of octothorpe, I cannot help but think that one of those pound shops, where every item costs a pound (sterling) could be named The Olde Octothorpe Shoppe with U+00DE being used at the start and U+00FE being used within the word Octothorpe, all manufactured as a sign in huge Goudy Text letters. :-)

Or indeed The olde octothorpe shoppe so that a long s h ligature could be used as well.

Still no olde worlde shoppe name with a yogh in though yet? :-)

William Overington

5 July 2002

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