Re: Saying characters out loud (derives from hash, pound, octothorpe?)

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Fri Jul 05 2002 - 06:37:09 EDT

At 08:26 +0100 2002-07-05, William Overington wrote:

>If one is reading out the address of a web page, how does one say the U+002F
>character out loud please?

"Slash", "forward slash", and "stroke" are in common parlance.

>Also, how does one say the U+007E character out loud while reading out the
>address of a web page?

"Tilde". Get real, William.

>Then there is U+002E as well.

Which as we all know is "dot" because North American "period" and
European "full stop" impede one another too greatly.

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