How do I encode HTML documents in old languages ſuch as 17th century Swediſh in Unicode?

From: Stefan Persson (
Date: Wed Jul 03 2002 - 13:10:33 EDT

I'd like to know the beſt way to repreſent 17th century Swediſh on Internet
web pages. There is a big problem in the current Unicode ſtandard, ſince
Fraktur letters aren't ſupported in any ſuitable manner. Fraktur is uſed to
writing words of Swediſh origin, while Antiqua is uſed to writing words of
foreign origin. It wouldn't be poſſible to uſe the HTML <fount face>
command, becauſe no Fraktur fount is commonly diſtributed with any OS. One
way could be to uſe the plane 1 Fraktur characters intended for mathematical
uſage and the combining "e" and "o" characters, and images for the remaining
characters. I guess that I could alſo uſe images for all Fraktur characters,
but then the web pages wouldn't load very faſt. I ſeem to recall that I have
ſeen web pages with founts embedded in the pages, would that be a ſuitable

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