Storing Unicode in Access 2000 / JET 4.0 table

From: Bob Leschorn (
Date: Wed Jul 10 2002 - 05:02:03 EDT


I am trying to save Unicode text into an Access database (JET 4.0) by
using ADO (C++ Builder 5 + ADO Express) but it seems that the underlying
code converts the Unicode to codepage text and Access converts this back
to Unicode which plays havoc with Greek and Russian.

Tried using the SetData() method but this crashes.

So far, I have had success by saving the Unicode data as BLOB data into a
memo field but the data saved thus is illegible when you look at the table
in Access 2000 itself.

Access, however, seems to be able to do this. If you type either Greek or
Russian text into a record, it is preserved as Unicode in the underlying
JET 4.0 database.

I have looked everywhere and tried just about everything. The only
thing I haven't tried is raw ADO. Does anyone have any pointers on how
this may be achieved?


Bob Leschhorn
Ark Software
Gerrards Cross, Bucks
United Kingdom

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