Re: Common input methods for IPA

From: Marc Wilhelm Küster (
Date: Thu Jul 11 2002 - 12:53:27 EDT


Thanks a lot for this wealth of information!

Lukas' German-based phonetic keyboard is something I'll definitely take a
deeper look into -- what I saw so far on the quoted URL is promising. It
comes closest to a turn-key solution for Germany for the time being. At the
same time I'll also have a look at the UniPad keyboard.

At the same time I find Michael's suggestion for "a little coordination"
intriguing. Whether such an endeavour can result in an international layout
or at least international guidelines remains to be seen, but the prospect
would be nice. A largish organization such as a publishing house or an
academic department wants to standardize on one time-tested layout.

Especially since only relatively few scholars in my experience are actually
able to define a solution of their own and implement it -- even though, if
they can, the outcome for their specific locale keyboard layout + language
of interest combination will often be supreme.

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