Character properties

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Date: Mon Jul 15 2002 - 08:53:59 EDT

Is there a place on which describes the concept of
properties in greater detail?

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> Other properties accrue more directly to characters, per se.
> They attach to the abstract character, and get associated with
> a code point more indirectly by virtue of the encoding of that
> character. The numeric value of a character would be a good example
> of this. No one expects an unassigned code point or an assigned
> dingbat character or a left bracket to have a numeric value property
> (except perhaps a future generation of Unicabbalists).
> > There are no corresponding features in other character sets usually.
> Correct. Before the development of the Unicode Standard, character
> encoding committees tended to leave that property assignments
> either up to implementations (considering them obvious) or up
> to standardization committees whose charter was "character
> processing" -- e.g. SC22/WG15 POSIX in the ISO context.
> The development of a Universal character encoding necessitated
> changing that, bringing character property development and
> standardization under the same roof as character encoding.

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