Re: Unicode Devanagari Font in Mozilla

From: Michael \(michka\) Kaplan (
Date: Tue Jul 16 2002 - 06:10:30 EDT

Since you are not allowed to redistribute Latha, Mangal, et. al., this is
really not going to be too much of a hardship for anyone playing by the
rules, is it? :-)

They can always legally obtain Arial Unicode MS or Code 2000 and then have
support via fonts that definitely have such ranges represented....


Michael Kaplan
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Subject: Re: Unicode Devanagari Font in Mozilla

> > James Kass wrote:
> > The best way to render a Devanagari page is with Unicode encoding
> > and smart font technology. With an up-to-date version of the
> > Uniscribe software installed, Devanagari can be properly displayed
> > even on Win 9x, as long as the browser uses the Uniscribe engine.
> You need to be careful when using Uniscribe on Win9x. Installing certain
> Indic fonts and Uniscribe on unsupported platforms (Win9x) will
> unfortunately corrupt these systems. The problem is that Win9x will
> misbehave when seeing fonts without code page support, such as Indic fonts
> with no Latin characters.
> Regards,
> - Michael

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