CJK character lookup

From: Zhang Weiwu (weiwuzhang@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Jul 19 2002 - 04:50:35 EDT

I believe someone must have questioned about this, but i don't know how to
search old messages.

I have problem looking for characters in CJK Extension. I want to find code
for a character made of 巧 above 言. This character has the same meaning as
辩. I spend this whole morning reading CJK Extension A chartmap. I can't
find it there. The chartmap is arranged by some order that I cannot guess
out. I thought it is ordered by the number of strokes of its radical but I'm
wrong (partly it is).

I don't know if this character is in another chartmap.

Who please tell me how to find a character in chartmap quickly?

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