RE: CJK character lookup

From: Miikka-Markus Alhonen (
Date: Fri Jul 19 2002 - 05:34:11 EDT

On 19-Jul-02 Zhang Weiwu wrote:
> I have problem looking for characters in CJK Extension. I want to find code
> for a character made of 巧 above 言. This character has the same meaning
> as
> 辩. I spend this whole morning reading CJK Extension A chartmap. I can't

Do you mean U+46D2?

> find it there. The chartmap is arranged by some order that I cannot guess
> out. I thought it is ordered by the number of strokes of its radical but I'm
> wrong (partly it is).

Yes, first you look at the number of strokes in the radical ("speech"),
which is 7. These characters are located in U+46AE -- U+4729 (note that
the simplified version is arranged next to the traditional one, even
though the number of strokes is different), just next to radicals "horn"
and "valley", which also have 7 strokes.

After that you count the number of remaining strokes, which is 5, just
next to other characters with 5 additional strokes, U+46D1 and U+46D3.

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Miikka-Markus Alhonen

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