Dublin Conference (was Re: ISO/IEC 10646 versus Unicode)

From: Tex Texin (tex@i18nguy.com)
Date: Fri Jul 19 2002 - 17:15:06 EDT


Sorry, I can't let this go by so easily. When the Call for Papers went
out for the Dublin Conference, and you and your friends and workmates
noted the convenience and desirability of the location, how many
submissions did you and they send in?

It is not the case that the conference review board conspires to
populate the agenda by defining topics and assigning speakers to them
and/or specifically ostracizing locals. (And without even reviewing the
agenda, I can think of a few locals that were in fact speakers.)

Instead, submissions are reviewed and the board picks the best of what
is submitted. As it happens, although we had several proposals from
locals, it was not an overwhelming number, and given the international
nature of the conference, we get a fair number from outside of Ireland.

When it comes to panels, usually the person submitting the idea of the
panel suggests and solicits speakers. Often, (but not always) they tend
to choose from the pool of speakers or known attendees, since otherwise
a panelist might incur the expense of attending just to be on the panel.

The XLIFF workshop was a separate event and not sponsored by Unicode,
although each event promoted the other since the target audience was
very similar.

It was an excellent conference and workshop by the way, regardless of
the origins of the speakers.

The conference review board actively encourages submissions, and I hope
when the next call for papers goes out, regardless of which gin joint of
all the gin joints in the world that the conference is located in, we
will see some submissions from you and your friends, as well as others
on this list.



Marion Gunn wrote:

> To conclude on a lighter note, if one tinged with black humour - Dublin
> being home to 3 universities at the cutting edge of IT - why - of awl da
> bars in awl da wurrall - did Unicode pick on a hotel favoured by myself,
> my friends and my workmates - then ship into that space a provincial
> university for full-day workshop & the Éire/Ireland seat on several
> panels? Hard to ignore.:-)
> mg
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