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Date: Wed Jul 24 2002 - 08:54:01 EDT

1) I wish to go on record, once and for all, that any postings of mine
   to this (or any other) mailing list represent my own opinion and not
   that of my employer or employers either past, present, or future, or
   any other person natural or juridical, except by a happy coincidence.
   The email address from which I post has no effect on this disclaimer.

2) I stand behind my opinions.

3) If at any time anyone's feelings are hurt by a posting of mine,
   I am sorry for it, and will attempt resolution of the grievance by
   private email.

John Cowan
Consider the matter of Analytic Philosophy.  Dennett and Bennett are well-known.
Dennett rarely or never cites Bennett, so Bennett rarely or never cites Dennett.
There is also one Dummett.  By their works shall ye know them.  However, just as
no trinities have fourth persons (Zeppo Marx notwithstanding), Bummett is hardly
known by his works.  Indeed, Bummett does not exist.  It is part of the function
of this and other e-mail messages, therefore, to do what they can to create him.

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