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Date: Wed Jul 24 2002 - 13:33:52 EDT

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>FYI, Lincom Europa has a new book on written Oirat. See

Sigh. My copy arrived today. By "Written Oirat" the author Attila
RŠkos means "the traditional literary language of the Western
Mongols". As such the book is a fine little reference grammar for
literary Oirat. But there are only two pages of charts on the writing
system and no examples.

Short vowels: A E I O ÷ U ‹
Long vowels: AA EE IYI OO ÷÷ UU/OU ‹‹/÷‹
Other compound letters: II UU U
Consonants: N NG X GH B S SH T D L M C/CH Z/JH Y K' K' Q G R

Yes, two examples of K' with different glyphs. I suspect an error for
K and K'. There is a chart at the beginning which show which
consonants can occur in which positions in a word. All in all, it'll
be useful, but not by itself, for looking at Oirat at some stage.

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