Re: REALLY *not* Tamil - changing scripts (long)

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Mon Jul 29 2002 - 19:44:35 EDT

Keld wrote:

> In Linux,

*Which* Linux? :-) Caldera OpenLinux, Corel Linux, Debian GNU/Linux,
Elfstone Linux, Libranet Linux, Linux-Mandrake, Phat Linux, Red Hat Linux,
Slackware Linux, Stampede GNU/Linux, Storm Linux, SuSE Linux, or TurboLinux?
Or for that matter another dozen international distribution Linuxes,
or a half-dozen on the Macintosh?

> for a specific locale, it is relatively easy to get the new locale
> to work on all off-the-shelf software: you need to write the locale, and
> submit it to the glibc people, but then - in about 6 months or so, it
> would be available on all mainsteam new Linux distributions, off the
> shelf.

While most of the Linuxes do make use of GNU/C, they don't all do so
at the same levels or with the same versions of glibc, and certainly
not all at the same times.

> And all applicatuions would adhere to it, given Linux' advanced
> i18n technology.

I think this is talking through your hat at bit. Do you think that
Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 PDF viewer on Linux-Mandrake is going to
just automatically pick up an Ethiopic locale setting because I
happened to submit a locale proposal to the glibc people 6 months
earlier. I don't think so.


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