Re: REALLY *not* Tamil - changing scripts (long)

From: Keld Jørn Simonsen (
Date: Tue Jul 30 2002 - 04:09:06 EDT

On Mon, Jul 29, 2002 at 04:44:35PM -0700, Kenneth Whistler wrote:
> Keld wrote:
> > In Linux,
> *Which* Linux? :-) Caldera OpenLinux, Corel Linux, Debian GNU/Linux,
> Elfstone Linux, Libranet Linux, Linux-Mandrake, Phat Linux, Red Hat Linux,
> Slackware Linux, Stampede GNU/Linux, Storm Linux, SuSE Linux, or TurboLinux?
> Or for that matter another dozen international distribution Linuxes,
> or a half-dozen on the Macintosh?

Probably them all. At least the major distributions - they all ship
new versions a couple of times a year. I said "mainstream linux
distributions", but I understand your urge to do some fudding here
even if I already had answered your question.

> > for a specific locale, it is relatively easy to get the new locale
> > to work on all off-the-shelf software: you need to write the locale, and
> > submit it to the glibc people, but then - in about 6 months or so, it
> > would be available on all mainsteam new Linux distributions, off the
> > shelf.
> While most of the Linuxes do make use of GNU/C, they don't all do so
> at the same levels or with the same versions of glibc, and certainly
> not all at the same times.

Yes, that is why it would probably take about 6 months, before you are
reasonably sure your new locale would be in the main distributions.
> > And all applicatuions would adhere to it, given Linux' advanced
> > i18n technology.
> I think this is talking through your hat at bit. Do you think that
> Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 PDF viewer on Linux-Mandrake is going to
> just automatically pick up an Ethiopic locale setting because I
> happened to submit a locale proposal to the glibc people 6 months
> earlier. I don't think so.

I dont think either. Acrobat reader is a product for multiple
platforms and does not employ advanced linux i18n technology.
So is eg, and all such apps that are written for
multiple platforms would normally not rely on Linux i18n.
But normal apps written primarly for Linux/Unix would use the
Linux i18n and the supplied locales.

Kind regards

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