Re: "Missing character" glyph

Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 09:29:48 EDT

On 08/01/2002 05:11:08 AM Martin Kochanski wrote:

>I am wondering whether it would be worth submitting a proposal for such a
>character. For example:

Go ahead and write up a proposal. This is one of those meta-descriptive
things that somebody inevitably finds a use for. I'd suggest, though, a
different name and codepoint:


This is in the control pictures block -- seems kind of like a control
picture to me. Note, though, that UTC (if the character is approved) may
choose to assign the character to whatever codepoint they please. Wherever
it might be assigned, though, it shouldn't go in the Latin Extended-B
block. It's not a character of any script; it's a symbol.

As for the name, UNRENDERED CHARACTER suggests that software shouldn't ever
display it, regardless of what happens in a font. That's not what you want.

- Peter

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