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From: Tex Texin (tex@i18nguy.com)
Date: Sat Aug 03 2002 - 16:13:32 EDT

The PDF version of the Compelling Unicode Example has been updated.

This collection of celebrity names and countries from around the world,
written in their native languages using Unicode, is useful for
explaining to businesspeople and senior managers the benefits and
applications of Unicode. (As names and countries would be used in
business applications for customers, employees, vendors, etc.)

The pdf version was created for salespeople and others who are not
technical and didn't want to go thru any configuration pains (such as
downloading fonts) to be able to reference the web page. Feedback I have
gotten from a people is that the demonstration is very helpful in
explaining and promoting Unicode internally and externally.

The pdf had an unexpected benefit in that I have gotten a few reports
from people saying their browser results of the html are different from
the pdf. (Ignoring changes in introductory text and just looking at the

For example, the Mac seems to do better with Tibetan and Khmer. I would
be glad to get other reports comparing browsers and platforms, and the
pdf. If it doesn't become too burdensom I will publish the information I

This version of the pdf file fixes a few reported problems.
RTL languages were corrected.
Katakana names now use middledot separator.
A couple other fine points.

Known problems-
Khmer has a dotted circle.
Tibetan not being kerned properly.

In general the problems are not noticed by the target audience but font
typographers and/or encoding experts catch them.

This version was produced with IE 6.0 and Adobe Acrobat on Windows XP,
using Code2000 (James Kass) and Arial Unicode MS fonts for the most

I would be glad for comments on or off list.

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